Quality Policy & Quality Assurance

Quality is our main priority. Due to our experience, expertise, and innovations in handling, managing, and buying all types of metal scrap, Japana Corporation has gained un parallel prominence and made a name for itself among various customers as well as suppliers. We are known for our honesty, integrity, professionalism and prompt service to our customers, leading to a long-term relationship.

We are an important link and act as an intermediary between our vendors and clients. Thus it is very important for us to maintain the quality standard of products. We are known in the global market we take quality as the major aspect in all the stages of our involved process.

We also ensure that the imported scarp does not contain any harmful material like chemical waste, radioactive substances, war explosive, shells, etc. This help us to make sure that our clients get only the best product delivered at their doorstep. Not only with the products but we also maintain quality in our product deliveries also. We follow a set schedule so that all the processes are timely carried out and the products are delivered to our clients well within the time frame.

As a trusted trader & supplier of Metal Scrap, we ensure to deliver only quality assessedproducts to our clients. So we procure all our items from quality certified manufacturing units and also inspect the materials at our end, before we dispatch it to our client. Quality assessment of supplied materials involves the following assessment procedures, which are undertaken at manufacturer's premise:



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